Always had your eye on a particular
house or neighbourhood?

How Does It Work?


Potential buyers sign-up to HouseTreaty to list an address of a house or property that interests them, anywhere in North America


Potential buyers provide their contact information. The buyers contact info is stored in our database for a 3 year period.


A postcard is automatically generated and mailed out to prospective sellers. Sellers can then check the database for free to see who has listed their home.

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After payment, you will be prompted to input your listing address!


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What People Are Saying

“I always received these little hand-written notes in my mailbox from local investors who were looking to buy my property. There was a 4-bedroom house I really wanted in my neighbourhood but it wasn’t for sale. I told my friend, maybe I should just write a hand-written note and put it in their mailbox, but my friend told me about HouseTreaty. It’s basically the same concept but with a modern twist! Everything worked out great!”

-Philip H., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

With HouseTreaty, you get in on the ground floor! You’ll have the amazing opportunity to get first crack at the house that you covet before the property is listed to the general public. Dealing directly with the seller with ZERO commissions will allow more room for negotiations on the final selling price! Don’t wait. List today! As the seller you will be dealing with prospective and motivated buyers. Sellers will not need to spend any money on “for sale by owner” websites and will save THOUSANDS of dollars on real estate commissions. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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