How House Treaty Works

Always had your eye on that special house or neighbourhood?
Let the owner(s) know!

Welcome to HouseTreaty! The website where you can register a house or multiple properties that you are interested in buying for FREE. Think of HouseTreaty as a social network that creates an alliance between buyers and sellers, and cuts out the MIDDLE MAN and COMMISSION FEES!

Potential buyers sign-up to HouseTreaty to list an address of a house or property that interests them, anywhere in North America, for FREE.

Set up your HouseTreaty account to register houses or properties in North America (by address) that you are interested in buying. Listing a property is FREE and you can also list multiple units by address if you are interested in a particular street or neighbourhood.

Potential buyers provide their contact information

You provide your contact info which is stored on the website’s database for a maximum of 2 years. It will need to be renewed after 2 years. You can remove any of your listings sooner if you wish. You can also access your account for any changes or updates at any time.

Sellers can check the website’s database to see if anyone has listed their property for FREE

Property owners can go on the website and check to see if anyone has listed their house or property on by simply typing in their home address.

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